International Betta Competition:

- IBC Sanction
Division A: Halfmoon ST
A1. Red STM (Dark and Light Body)
...A2. Black STM
A3. Dark Iridescent STM
A4. Clear/Yellow/Orange STM
A5. Pastel/Opaque STM
A6. Patterned STM
A7. Metallic Dark STM
A8. Metallic Light STM

Division B: Halfmoon DT
B1. Dark Solid Color DTM
B2. Light Solid Color DTM
B3. Patterned DTM
B4. Metallic Dark/Light DTM

Division C: Crowntail ST
C1. Red/Black CTM
C2. Dark Iridescent CTM
C3. Light Solid CTM
C4. Patterned CTM
C5. Black Orchid CTM
C6. Metallic Dark CTM
C7. Metallic Light CTM

Division D: Shortfin ST
D1. Red STM Show Plakat
D2. Black STM Show Plakat
D3. Blue STM Show Plakat
D4. Steel STM Show Plakat
D5. Green/Turquoise STM Show Plakat
D6. Clear/Yellow/Orange STM Show Plakat
D7. Pastel/Opaqe STM Show Plakat
D8. Bicolor/Butterfly STM Show Plakat
D9. Marble/Grizzled/Multicolor STM Show Plakat
D10. Metallic Dark STM Show Plakat
D11. Metallic Light STM Show Plakat
D12. AOC STM Show Plakat
D13. Halfmoon Shortfin

Division F: Wild Type Betta Pairs
F1. Bubble-nesters (small or large)
F2. Mouth-brooders (small or large)

Division H: Female Classes
H1. Solid Color HM/Plakat Female
H2. AOC HM/Plakat Female
H3. Solid Color CT Female
H4. AOC CT Female

Division I: Temporary Classes
I1. Giant Plakat
I2. Show Plakat DTM


1. Walden Nida - USA - confirmed
2. Joty Atmadjaja - Indonesia - confirmed
3. Koh Lin Ai - Singapore - confirmed
4. Sarawut Korsoongsak - Thailand - confirmed

Entry Fee:
- BSM/IBC and/or Chapter Member: RM15.00
- Non-BSM/Non-IBC/Non-Chapter Member: RM20.00


Best of Show (chosen from the Best below) - RM800.00 + Trophy + Certificate

Best Halfmoon - RM300.00 + Trophy + Certificate
Best Doubletail - RM300.00 + Trophy + Certificate
Best Crowntail - RM300.00 + Trophy + Certificate
Best Shortfin - RM300.00 + Trophy + Certificate


Class Winners according to the Class List above:

1st Place + Certificate
2nd Place + Certificate
3rd Place + Certificate